Plan Options

Your dining experiences is an important part of campus life event even if you don't live on campus. We want you to make the most of it. Whether you are indulging before a big exam or grabbing a quick coffee on your way to class, we have what you need! 

Unlike cash and credit purchases, all meal plans are tax exempt. Meal Plans are non-refundable. 

Meal Cards 
When you select a campus meal plan, the information will be stored on your student ID card. Please present your card when entering Randall Dining Commons or when paying at any campus retail restaurant. 

Lost or Stolen Meal Cards
Lost or stolen meal cards can be replaced. Should this happen to you, please visit the Bhathal Student Business Services Center as soon as possible. Fees apply. 

Panther Bucks
Panther Bucks may be used at all retail restaurant locations and at Randall Dining Commons

For questions, visit Bhathal Student Services Center or call at (714) 997-6617 for current terms and conditions.

All students who live in the residence halls participate in the university meal plan. Students are provided with choices of a number of meals they can eat each week at Randall Dining Commons. Changes can be made to meal plans during the first three weeks of each semester by sending an email from your Chapman University email address or simply visit the Residence Life office to submit your request in person. Please allow 24 to 48 hours to process your request. *for fee information and questions, please refer to Student Business Services or call (714) 997-6617 for current terms and conditions.

10 Meal Plan 
10 Meal Plan with $400 Panther Bucks

12 Meal Plan 
12 Meal Plan with $350 Panther Bucks

14 Meal Plan 
14 Meal Plan with $300 Panther Bucks

19 Meal Plan
19 Meal Plan with $250 Panther Bucks

Commuter Meal Plans are a great way for students who live off-campus, staff and faculty to get all the great benefits Plan Holders enjoy! 

Dining with a Meal Plans has its perks including:

Tax-free purchases
Special dining events
Significant savings on meals at Randall Dining Commons
Bonus Panther Bucks you can use at any campus dining location
On-campus convenience - grab a snack on the way to class or lunch with friends
Cash-less dining - helping you stay on budget! 

Need help choosing the right plan? Here are some tips:
The gold and silver plans are recommended for those who would like to enjoy the all-you-care-to-eat dining in Randall, and still have the flexibility to enjoy other retail restaurants on campus. Remember, if you run out, you can always re-purchase a plan!

Titanium Plan $1,165
This plan includes $1,185 Panther Bucks

Platinum Plan A $588
This plan includes $594 Panther Bucks

Platinum Plan B $424
This plan includes $430 Panther Bucks

Platinum Plan C $142
This plan includes $148 Panther Bucks

Gold Plan $923
This plan includes 80 meals & $140 Panther Bucks

Silver Plan $614
This plan includes 50 meals & $110 Panther Bucks

Bronze Plan $419
This plan includes 30 meals & $110 Panther Bucks

Click link below to purchase meal plan through Chapman Store:

The Chapman University Marketplace Commuter Meal Plan Store


For more information or to add money to your declining balance visit

Please note all commuter meal plans expire at the end of the Spring semester in May. 

For more information, contact us:

  • Finance Inquiries: Chapman Cashier's Office 714-997-6838
  • Food Inquiries: Operations Manager Office: 714-532-6044